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Welcome to the SAY•Я website,


We are an international non-profit organisation based in France and active worldwide.

SAY"R" is created by Lada Obradovic, a multi-awarded Croatian jazz drummer and composer.

Everything started from the crave of Lada for helping people and living beings around her. Lada, as an artist, musician and actress, always wanted, since the beginning of her career, to use her artist's visibility to make lives easier for those who need it the most.

In 2018 she started a new charity project using her own designed shoes “StartAs You Are” in collaboration with the Swiss foundation Terrévent.

A year and a half later, she founded SAY"R", the charity fundraiser that comprises, besides already existing project "StartAs You Are", the new project "Shelter At Your Reach".

This new fundraiser is teaming up with selected shelters in Europe in order to help with supplying animal protection and care.

Our concept is to say "R" for many important actions, from "Rescuing" abandoned animals to "Reuniting" people, through "Rebuilding" walls for "Re-establishing" cultural events.

All the funds collected out from the purchases that you make on our website would be used to help our ongoing charitable projects, and we thank you already for all your kindness and generosity to following us in this adventure.

Let's help now !

Lada Obradovic & SAY•Я Team

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