Ivana Begović from "Dvor na Uni" virtually is alone taking care of a very large number of abandoned, homeless and injured dogs. We would like to help her by advertising for her dogs and looking for appropriate permanent accommodation for them, and in the collection of dog food and donations to meet veterinary costs. You can Help Ivana in many ways; by providing temporary accommodation for dogs (Fosters: While we look for permanent loving homes for the puppies/dogs, fosters homes are essential), various donations – food (always in need of dog food donations), leashes, collars, blankets, sheets, products for getting rid off internal and external parasites, dog bowls, toys, kennels (second hand or new), dog beds, financing of veterinary expenses, help with sterilisation of all dogs that come to Ivana. Physical assistance in any form is also much appreciated: driving dogs to the vet, collecting them and or driving dogs to their new homes, advertising for her dogs to find best homes online, taking photos of her dogs or even simply spreading the word to a larger audience. The more money we make to help her, the more dogs Ivana can save.



Association "Paw in the Heart" was founded on September 28, 2013. functions like any non-profit organisation thanks to donations from citizens, but also through the hard work and cooperation of good people.

Since there is no association in Ogulin, no shelter where abandoned animals could be removed from the outside world, which unfortunately became hateful for those unable to help themselves and dependent on the human hand, driven by all of this, we individuals have decided to form an association and advocate for our four-legged friends and protect them from angry hunters and heartless and soulless people, every day we find new victims of the human race, so that we already have over 80 protégés at home and many of them have already been adopted. We have decided to say Stop the violence against these living creatures and we will fight against it, we will continue to act in the entire Karlovac and beyond, all over Croatia.



Rina's cottage is not a shelter, nor an asylum, but a place where around 20 animals can be accommodated, depending on their size and character. Everyday care around the "house" brings: feeding, cleaning, socialisation, brushing, and, if necessary, going to a veterinarian. "Rina's Cottage" is a temporary stop to the 'forever' home, a non-profit charity association for the care and shelter of abandoned and lost animals and animals suffering from different handicaps. The Rina Association was founded in May 2008 and does not have any employees, but all work is based solely on volunteering.



Spomenka Milkanović lives in Bosanski Brod and takes care of abandoned animals that she found  left alone or hurt on the landfill of Bosanski Brod. At the moment, struggling with heavy sickness herself, daily she takes care of 56 dogs that she saved from landfill and brought to her cottage. Twenty more dogs were transferred to Zagreb (Croatia) taken by host families and are waiting to be adopted. There is more dogs still on the landfill waiting to be fed every day.

On daily basis, she needs money for food, medication and treatments for abandoned animals.



“Niemandshunde Von Bihac” is a small but very strong-willed team, which is dedicated to taking care of the forgotten and abandoned dogs of the streets and landfill sites in the city of Bihac in the north-west of Bosnia, to alleviate their suffering and, above all, to show them that not everyone are bad and their fate does not leave everyone without a trace.

“Bihac's nobody dogs” was founded in August 2017 and since then have regularly looked after between 300 and 500 dogs, including numerous puppies, and some seriously injured animals.

The focus of our work focuses on castration, medical care and the best possible food for the dogs. The association’s seat is in Austria.

If you have any question please contact us on: shelteratyourreach(at)