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Pensions for dogs and cats, located in the countryside in the quiet part of Georges, near Montagrier in the Dordogne. Jane and James Hatton invite you to discover their pension for dogs and cats.

At Pattes et Griffes, we offer a personalized service, taking care of your dog or cat as if it were our own. We understand that a change of environment can be difficult for pets so we welcome them with lots of love and affection.

We believe that by giving special attention to each dog and each cat, we do the best possible to make their stay with us a success.


20 years experiance with dogs
*TIP2 Certified pet transport in all Europe
*Cargo shipping worldwide


Association that mainly operates in the area of Nova Gradiska. The activities of the association are aimed at rescuing, caring for and treating abandoned, abused and sick animals.



“Niemandshunde Von Bihac” is a small but very strong-willed team, which is dedicated to taking care of the forgotten and abandoned dogs of the streets and landfill sites in the city of Bihac in the north-west of Bosnia, to alleviate their suffering and, above all, to show them that not everyone are bad and their fate does not leave everyone without a trace.

“Bihac's nobody dogs” was founded in August 2017 and since then have regularly looked after between 300 and 500 dogs, including numerous puppies, and some seriously injured animals.

The focus of our work focuses on castration, medical care and the best possible food for the dogs. The association’s seat is in Austria.

If you have any question please contact us on: shelteratyourreach(at)

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